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Tuesday, August 2, 2011 | 12:17 pm


The human voice, whether we are talking about vocal training for singing, or even just giving a speech or presenation, is an expression and a natural part of the person themeslves.  We are both physical and spiritual beings. 

If you think about, you already know how to sing.  Perhaps you sing “badly” at the current moment if you have not practiced, but the basic idea — anybody, even children can sing.

Natural singing is geared toward freeing that natural voice with techniques that work in producing good tone.  Our voice is merely the vehicle by which we can express ourselves. Again, this expression can either be in song, or in general communication. 

When we talk about a well-developed voice, that is all well and good, but in order for it to have meaning and be powerful, it needs to be backed by a personality with emotion. Otherwise, it will not succeed in performance with an audience.

Whether or not you want to be a professional singer, learning to sing will improve your personality, make you more dynamic in your life, and bring will great benefits (such as confidence).

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On Teaching

Tuesday, August 2, 2011 | 12:17 pm

It could be said that a true teacher does not actually teach as in
“here, let me tell you what to do”… Instead the teacher shows
the techniques and inspires the student.  This is because music
is interpretative and we must all find out way on the path to
enlightened expressiveness.  Therefore, the teacher helps the
student to feel and discover that which they are somewhat aware
of already, but brings about a higher level of awareness by
sharing knowledge and insight.

Also, a teacher should be aware of the particulars of each student,
including that student’s talents and limitations — physical,
mental, and psychological.

When a student has difficulties, it is usually because some necessary
foundational work was not learned thoroughlly enough.

Above all all, success lies in honesty and being who one truly is,
minus all the lies foisted on them by society.

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Learning to sing vs other instruments.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011 | 12:16 pm

It could be said that the voice is an instrument.  However,
since the vocal chords are part of the human body, there
is a big difference between learning to sing and learning
to play the piano or the guitar. 

Most musicians would agree that it is easier to learn to sing that it is to
play concert piano.  In our opinion, the difficulty in becoming
a successful singer doesn’t have much to do with technique. 

The challange in singing is all about the character and personality
of the singer.  When you sing, you bring so much of yourself into the
music.  Probably 50% of your success has to do with how well you
can actually sing on a technical level, and the other half has to do
with who you are as a person, because that will come across
in the music.

Who you are on stage on the stage of life, so to speak, is really
who you are on an actual stage, performing.

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A unique teaching method

Tuesday, August 2, 2011 | 12:15 pm

Gil has a very unique way and method of teaching.  He advocates
what he calls the “person behind the voice” methodology of teaching.
He developed this , not based on silly theories and imaginings, but
rather after many years of working with thousands of students. 

This method focuses on the key principles that are needed from
a technical point of view, but leaves out a lot of superficial
modern fads and non-critical factors.  Instead of getting bogged
down in the nuances, it concentrates on the PERSON BEHIND THE VOICE.

What is  important is not the mental knowledge, but the actual
experience of perofrming.

A powerful thing is proper practice.  In this way, students
can actually sing in their own natural expression with their real voice.

This is not only powerful in terms of musical development but also, it
is a wonderful way to express one’s self , which brings joy to the audience
and a great confidence to the performer.

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